Collected Layers

01 Dr. Kelly and our relationship

December 9, 2018

Welcome to Collected Layers, an effort by John Tessitore and Mike Esposito at the JCK Foundation to document society's response to mental health. We started recording interviews a few years ago under the moniker "Doming Out." A term Tessitore and his mentor, John Kelly, used when describing their intrusive thoughts. John Kelly succumbed to his OCD and depression in 2011, but we never forgot the passion he had for improving the lives of those around him. We started the JCK Foundation in his honor, where we help create positive mental health cultures on high school and college campuses. We hope Collected Layers is an extension of that. A forum to share stories, strategies and data about the mental health movement to ensure we can be our own advocates and advocates for those around us. Enjoy our 1st episode as Collected Layers featuring John Kelly's father exclusively on our website. We're now available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify.

Guest: Dr. Kelly
Host: John Tessitore
Editor: Mike Esposito
Producers: John Tessitore, Mike Esposito
Musicians: TaiCheeba, Jaō, Joanna Schlatter
Photographer: Unknown